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Filton Community Church
The greatest team in the world should be the local church

Monday to Saturday you can find us at:

Revive Charity Shop

555/557 Filton Avenue

Filton, Bristol


Contact us via:

Tel: 0117 969 8800

Email us: Click here

North Bristol Food Bank -


Posted 18/07/12

Charity Registration Number: 1093551

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Are you or do you know someone who is unwell and would benefit from healing prayers?

We believe that the Church has been entrusted with continuing the work that Jesus Christ gave his time to…


…….. and so we run Revive Christian Healing

        +We offer free prayer for healing or personal time with the team to suit you.

          Please call us to arrange 07599 754173

Our healing rooms are above the charity shop and there is no charge! We have a caring, sympathetic and confidential team.

Revive Christian Healing


‘Because we care’